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Xanthe Dobbie and Tiyan Baker

Meeting in 2014 at the Macquarie Digital Portraiture Award (MDPA) at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, the artists came together out of a shared love for video portraiture, pop culture, technology and the Internet.

Xanthe Dobbie is a Melbourne-based new media artist and curator. Working across immersive audio-visual installation, performance and screen-based works, Dobbie aims to capture the experience of contemporaneity as reflected through feminism, art history, and pop, internet and queer culture. Dobbie has exhibited widely, being included in Channels and Next Wave Festivals, as well as solo exhibitions at Grey Gardens Projects (2015) and John Buckley Gallery (2014). Also a member of the Board of Directors at BLINDSIDE ARI, Dobbie has co-curated shows such as: Debut XI, Screen Series, Displaced Agency and the BLINDSIDE Festival: Meet the Public.

Tiyan Baker is a video artist based in Sydney. Baker’s practice uses digital portraiture to explore the emotional experience of the self as embedded in greater socio-political contexts. Her work explores public and private lives, the individual and society, fantasy and fact. Baker’s Beijing-based video portraiture series Recreating Memories won the 2014 MDPA and was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. Baker also works as a commercial video editor.

  1. Tiyan Baker, Yiyi is Tired

  2. Xanthe Dobbie, Crucifiction scale