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Johnson + Thwaites

The collaborative practice of Johnson + Thwaites is guided by the curators’ shared interest in the intersections of radical political theory and contemporary art practice. They have previously collaborated on projects for Critical Animals (a sub-festival of This Is Not Art, Newcastle), having first worked together at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Peter H. Johnson’s curatorial research focuses on aesthetic and conceptual strategies of resistance. He holds a Master of Art Administration from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, and has worked with ARIs, regional art spaces and major institutions in New South Wales.

Denise Thwaites’ practice as a curator departs from an interest in the porous frontiers of the art world, with a special emphasis on concepts of provenance, textuality, forms of collecting and post-structuralism. She completed a PhD in Aesthetics through the University of New South Wales and the Université Paris 8, Vincennes - Saint-Denis. In the past five years she has worked for contemporary art museums and galleries, in arts funding and for interdisciplinary arts festivals.

  1. Johnson Thwaites.