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Creatrix Tiara

Creatrix Tiara (formerly Tiara the Merch Girl) works with creative arts and media, technology, community cultural development and education to explore ideas around community, identity, liminality, belonging and social justice. Tiara comes from a long line of migrants, never neatly fit any one demographic and subculture, and being Othered or Foreign is now near-first-nature to her - it drives her life’s work.

Tiara is a life-long writer, a strident activist for rights to self-determination and personal choice, and has built a reputation for creating challenging, catalyzing creative and community work that deals with race, gender, sexuality, and nationality.

Currently Tiara is very interested in exploring the intersections of arts, technology, and social justice, particularly through digital media and games, and looking at the ways that they can be used to convey and support experiences of transience and flux.

Tiara was part of the Text Camp’s creative cohort in 2010, working on a response to ‘Comfort Zones’ at Witches in Britches. Tiara learnt more about writing in the contemporary arts context, and get guidance from other established arts writers.

  1. Creatrix Tiara