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Sapna Chandu and Michael Warnock

Sapna Chandu is a multidisciplinary artist working with cross-cultural narratives that relate to colonialism, feminism, power and social rituals. She creates stories that feature alternate realities and fictional characters that blur the lines between fiction and reality to challenge established power structures, cultural norms, and notions of authenticity. Sapna does this by blending photography, video, sound, performance and installation to create immersive and participatory experiences.

Michael Warnock’s practice extends across photography, installation, advertising and creative writing to intersect in solo and collaborative projects.His work explores ideas of identity, consumerism and migration and at times references his own Greek Cypriot background.He often borrows the language of advertising to create works that don’t quite fit within a typical advertising context.His current collaborative works mix the aesthetics of campaign photography with narrative writing, in a public and urban context, to reflect on the ways cultural ideologies are propagated and plagiarise dinter-generationally. At present Michael is completing a Master of Fine Arts at Monash and works as a campaign photographer for Milligram and Telegram Co.Some highlights include exhibitions in the Testing Grounds (Fringe Festival 2017), MGA (Bowness 2016), and NGV Studio (Manifestations of Now 2012) and commercial works published in magazines like The New York Times, Vogue Living and Monument Magazine.

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