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Anna Louise Richardson and Justin Hinder

Anna Louise Richardson’s and Justin Hinder’s practices are concerned with narrative and the active role of the heightened imagination in constructing a sense of ownership and place making.

Anna Louise Richardson is an emerging West Australian artist and curator whose practice focuses on issues of regional identity, inter-generational communication and the intersection of art, artefact and material culture. Exploring the problematic dichotomy of rural and urban identity in a broader narrative of place and disconnection within rural Australia, her practice seeks to reconcile a relationship with the environment and discuss the relationships we have with animals, the land and the fundamentals of life. Anna currently works at Artsource, WA, and has previous experience working with the Association of Northern Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists, NT, and the East Kimberley Community Development Employment Programme, WA, whilst also studying a Masters of Cultural Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne. She aims to have a three-fold practice of artist, curator and conservator.

Justin Hinder is an emerging artist, writer and curator based in Melbourne. His practice investigates human movement and the decision making process. Having worked in community advocacy roles prior to commencing his artistic pursuits, his interest lays in combining daily normalities with ideals of pre-determined destiny and storytelling. Through his practice he explores ideas of satisfaction of self by focusing on the every day – acknowledging the cause and effect of idiosyncratic thoughts, decisions and actions.

  1. Justin Hinder, A Million Bucks