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Rhen Soggee

Rhen Soggee is an early career producer, interested in social change through arts, specifically with queer, feminist, multicultural and intersectional agendas. Tertiary study in Classical History piqued Rhen’s curiosity in development/interplay of culture, religion, science and politics. Once presented with arts as a profession outside of performance, Rhen delved into Arts Management to facilitate conversations, experiences and understanding through Arts, underpinned by an ideal to foster better cross-cultural exchange in Arts and beyond. They believe that immersive, participatory and challenging (multi)arts experiences can help us to reflect on who we are, how we are and how we interact, affect and are affected by the world around us. Currently a Program Coordinator at Carclew, Rhen also worked as Program Coordinator at OzAsia Festival, following their Anthony Steel Fellowship at Adelaide Festival Centre. They have worked on contemporary music festivals in Singapore, developed youth programming and established a Youth Drop In at Feast Festival, and previously managed a contemporary music act: organisation is their middle name. Rhen’s strong community streak was acknowledged by nomination for Young Australian of the Year Award in 2014. They continue to champion engagement and social change, using arts to spark cross-cultural conversation and understanding in their everyday.

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