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Joshua Pether

Next Wave x PICA

Joshua Pether is an independent creator of dance/choreography and performance art based in Western Australia. He is of Kalkadoon heritage and also identifies as having a disability. As a dancer, he has worked for companies both in Australia and New Zealand and has toured both nationally and internationally.  His work has been shown in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and most recently at the Yirramboi Festival in Melbourne. His practice works within dance and performance art giving the audience a visceral, surreal and sometimes confronting experience.

He is interested in the aesthetics of the disabled body and also that of the colonized body and finds that the intertwining of these two cultures feed of each other to create new forms and ideas. His interest also lies within the bizarre and unseen and the corporeality that can be produced from the manifestation of the two.

His work takes on board a deliberately anarchistic framework that breaks apart the barriers of its traditional form and presents new structures that can have both provocative and polarizing effects.

  1. Joshua Pether, Monster, Yirramboi 2017. Photo credit: Caitlin Dear.

  2. Joshua Pether, Body As Material. Photo credit: Julie Vulcan.

  3. Joshua Pether, Monster rehearsal.