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James Welsby

James Welsby is a young and emerging artist and 2007 VCA Dance graduate. He has performed with several dance companies and independent choreographers around Australia and has an expanding body of creative work. His pursuits include the expansion of ethical, queer, and timely performance.  James’ selected choreographed works include: Tidefolk Fictions (2012) at Melbourne Aquarium, The Memory Progressive (2010) at 45 Downstairs and Theodore and The Winehouse (part of the 2010 Next Wave Festival) at Arts House.

  1. James Welsby, HexWEB. Photo credit: Alice Hutchison.

  2. James Welsby.

  3. James Welsby.

  4. James Welsby.

  5. James Welsby.

  6. James Welsby and Benjamin Hancock, Love Song. Photo credit: James Brown.

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  8. James Welsby.