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Daniel Jenatsch

Daniel Jenatsch is an artist, composer, musician and performer. He is a member of music group, Sky Needle, and performance art collective, New Forms of Life. 

His works have been featured in Matthew Barney and Jonathan Beplers’ River of Fundament; KimSooja’s Thread Routes; Kunstenfestivaldesarts; Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam; NAISA; HKW, Berlin; the Athens Biennale; Multifon, Frankfurt; and Megapolis, New York. 

Recent works include music for Atlanta Eke’s Body of Work (winner of the 2014 Keir Choreographic Award); The blind Cannot Discern Colour, performed at MCA Artbar; Natural Mysteries, in collaboration with the Brussels Museum of Natural Science and New Forms of Life, Kunstenfestivaldesarts; and composition for Irina Müllers’ In a Lightscape

  1. Daniel Jenatsch