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Co-devised by Belinda Locke, Joseph Stewart and Amanda Lever with Anna Seymour (creative development 2019-2020).

Director Belinda Locke uses performance to unearth invisible challenges that people face in their lives every day. Drawing from anonymous submissions about real-life experiences, Under My Tongue delves into the politics of connection, the aesthetics of access, and the unseen aspects of people’s identities, histories, and emotional lives.

The performance season (18-23 July) is complemented by a full takeover of Brunswick Mechanics Institute curated by Belinda Locke in celebration of Disability Pride Month.

We invite you to join us throughout Disability Pride Month to watch, listen, explore and contemplate your own relationship to the invisible challenges that surround us and those you experience yourself.

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MaggZ, Producer in Residence

Hosted by MaggZ, David Prakash and Oliver Le and supported by the World + focus group and mentors – The World + Event foregrounds multisensory approach, to explore and unpack the essences of street dance battles and the notion of world-building as the underpinning conceptual frameworks. The World + Event is the culmination of the co-design and lab processes.

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Sat 6 May, Brunswick Mechanics
Wed 1 – Fri 31 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics
Fri 17 — Sun 19 Mar | Perth Cultural Centre Amphitheatre (PICA)
Sat 25 Mar, Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 11 Mar, Brunswick Mechanics
Wed 15 Feb, Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 5 Nov, Brunswick Mechanics
Fri 18 Nov, Migrant Coffee
Fri 28 — Sat 29 Oct, Trades Hall, Carlton
Fri 21 Oct, Platform Arts
Fri 15 & Sat 16 Jul, Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 11 ⏤ Sun 26 Jun, Queen Victoria Women's Centre
Wed 11 May — Sat 25 June, Brunswick Mechanics
Thu 28 Apr, Brunswick Mechanics
Sun 27 & Tues 29 Mar, Federation Wharf, Princes Walk
Thu 17 Mar, Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 26 Feb, Brunswick Mechanics
Thu 17, Fri 18 & Sat 19 Feb, Brunswick Mechanics
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  5. Image: Dead Ends and Detours Bruno Booth. Photo: Duncan Wright (2022)

  6. Image credit: “Cthuluscene” (2023), Megan Beckwith. Photo courtesy of the artist.

  7. Image credit: “Cthuluscene” (2023), Megan Beckwith. Photo courtesy of the artist.

  8. Image: Courtesy of the artist (2021)

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  13. Image: Saluhan x Next Wave presents: Radical Hospitality – Kain Na Tayo! Photography: MJ Flamiano. Art Direction: Catherine Ortega-Sandow

  14. Image: Saluhan x Next Wave presents: Radical Hospitality – Kain Na Tayo! Photography: MJ Flamiano. Art Direction: Catherine Ortega-Sandow

Radical Hospitality: Submersible Supper Club

You’re invited to Radical Hospitality: Submersible Supper Club

Radical Hospitality invites you to converge, connect and spark new encounters with artists, thinkers, innovators, friends and neighbours through the radical power of sharing. Founder of the Seaweed Appreciation Society international, artist and DIY marine biologist Lichen Kelp collaborates with Quincy Malesovas of experimental supper club, GRUEL, featuring a performance by Kelping (Lichen Kelp and Dylan Martorell).

Radical Hospitality: Submersible Supper Club is inspired by the sea, its vegetation and its surrounds – and builds on the conversations from To pitch a tent, to pull it back down – An offering of ideas as part of Next Wave’s TIDAL research commission, by Aaron Claringbold, Eliki Reade, Jack Mitchell, and Rebecca McCauley.

Want more?
Stick around afterwards for the opening of To pitch a tent, to pull it back down.

Fri 5 May
→ 6pm Radical Hospitality
→ 7pm Performance by Kelping (Lichen Kelp and Dylan Martorell)
$10 Tickets
→ 7.30pm Opening of Exhibition
→ 9pm Close

Norla Dome and Main Hall Mission to Seafarers, 717 Flinders St, Docklands VIC 3008
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Lichen Kelp is an artist, performer and curator. Her solo work investigates ephemeral biological processes and the transubstantiation of chemical reactions. Melting, subliming, fruiting, flowering, decomposing, bubbling and shapeshifting are explored through field work, photography and live experiments emerging from liquid landscapes.
Performing as part of Kelping with Dylan Martorell she creates haptic and multi-sensorial unfolding scenographies, with soundscapes derived from electronic ikebana; local botanicals and handbuilt electronics as well as hydrophones, water percussion and ice based touch sensitive instruments.

Her curatorial projects include Seaweed Appreciation Society international (SASi), School of Untourism- East Gippsland and the travelling residency program; Forum of Sensory Motion as well as her performance picnic series MULCH. These seek to build temporal, improvised and multi-species communities around shared research topics including marine algae, estuarine ecologies, cuttlefish mating ceremonies and plant cultivation. Creating enhanced experiences through bio-mutual gatherings and live, often improvised collective actions, these projects provide a community engaged model of psycho-ecological exploration.

GRUEL is a Melbourne/Naarm-based experimental dining platform. Their goal isn’t to be an alternative to conventional dining, but something that exists outside it and evolves with it. Rather than eschew the mundane, grotesque or confronting sides of food, they embrace them. They aim to foster social and cultural awareness through food and provide a platform for those with an alternative approach to hospitality.

GRUEL is run by food writer and researcher Quincy Malesovas with support from rotating collaborators.

TIDAL & Radical Hospitality is supported by City of Melbourne, Mission to Seafarers & Centre for Projection Art.

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  4. Image: Courtesy of the Artist (2023)