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Sat 26 Aug, Rapid Creek NT
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MarketMarket: an All School_ exchange

An All School_exchange

23-28 Aug
📍 Rapid Creek Business Village, 48 Trower Rd, Millner NT

Experience the vibrant spirit of the Rapid Creek Markets through the eyes of local creatives. Join us as we bring together experimental artists, curators, thinkers, and foodies for a series of engaging community gatherings and immersive artistic encounters.

Leaning into the hyper local qualities of the Northern Territory, we have cultivated a national artist-led lab that features a host of curated programs of discussions, meals, and workshops to learn, interrogate and foster new collaborations between local and visiting artists.

Curated by ACCOMPLICE founder, Britt Guy, with Next Wave, this intimate and experimental exchange culminates in a specially curated Radical Hospitality, collaborating with the visible and sometimes less visible tangles of place and people at the Rapid Creek shops on Larrakia Country.

Featuring artists: Britt Guy / Nathan Stoneham / Carlo Ansaldo / Kristi Monfries / James Mangohig / Jocelyn Tribe / Rhanjell Villanueva / Kelly Beneforti / Matthew van Roden / Mikaela Earnshaw / Naina Sen


All through this exchange, artists local to the Northern Territory will offer experiments, works in progress, free to the public during the final week of Darwin Festival.

If this flesh could…
11am-9.30pm, 24–26 Aug
5pm-9.30pm, Sun 27 Aug

If this flesh could… is a durational dance film by Kelly Beneforti shot in one sitting, exploring human flesh and the flesh of fruit in slowly shifting conversation. Touching on concepts of human and environmental fertility, nourishment, loss, and sustainability. This experiment draws from questions of the relationship between our inner and outer, private and public spaces.

Rapid Creek Radio
24-27 Aug

Carlo Ansaldo is an artist, project manager and community facilitator working across the visual arts and music industries in Gulumerrgin (Darwin).

Carlo is looking forward to collecting audio material on-site at Rapid Creek and during the labs to develop the beginnings of an audio soundtrack that has the potential to be broadcast locally. Their hope is that this broadcast will plant the seed for a local community radio project to grow. They are looking forward to collaborating with musicians and sound-based artists locally and nationally to test and develop this idea.

Dalirra (Light in Larrakia)
Fri 25 Aug

Mikaela Lee is a multi-disciplinary artist, working predominantly in painting, digital drawing and large-scale mural work.

Dalirra (Light in Larrakia) experiments with moving liquid light in the lab and projection design in collaboration with the walls of the Rapid Creek Markets. Interested in the fusion of Larrakia’s history and culture and the mixing of colours and light at the Rapid Creek market or originally Gurambai (Rapid Creek) to the Larrakia people.

Radical Hospitality: MarketMarket Feed
Sat 26 Aug

Heighten your senses as you move through a transitory program of discussion, new media and audio works while feasting on a three course meal prepared by locals whose businesses call Rapid Creek Shops home. This is a ticketed event, click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Sun 27 Aug

Matthew van Roden’s work explores spaces between apparent binaries as locations for queer creative praxis. Working primarily with wax, text, and digital video, van Roden is interested in ideas about the body, text, language and subjectivity.

They will experiment with Risographic animations, QR coded to fruit + vegetables at the Sunday Rapid Creek Markets.

MarketMarket DJ
Sun 27 Aug

Artist and music producer James Mangohig (aka Kuya James) grew up in the tropical and multicultural city of Darwin; the capital of the Northern Territory on Larrakia land. Kuya James is both an ARIA nominated producer and artist.

The Rapid Creek Markets are a regular part of his life. Through a friend he has been getting to know the store holders and asking him about their favourite music, what they loved before they migrated (or their parents migrated) and what they continue to enjoy now. These conversations will produce a DJ set including everything from Thai disco to Indonesian psych rock music and everything in between including a healthy dose of pop music from the last 5 decades.

Participating artists, Naina Sen, Nathan Stoneham, Kristi Monfries, Jocelyn Tribe and Rhanjell Villanueva will create bespoke, digitally captured responses to these experiments which will be launched on Next Wave’s All School platform

Artist Bios

Rhanjell Villianueva is an emerging Meanjin (Brisbane) based Filipino artist whose practice critically analyses the traditional Filipino culture against the language and values of western societies. @rhanjellv

Matthew van Roden is an artist, PhD candidate, and lecturer in visual arts at Charles Darwin University whose work explores spaces between apparent binaries as locations for queer creative praxis. @matthewvanroden

James Mangohig aka Kuya James is both an ARIA nominated producer and artist who, in the past five years, has been committed to projects and new performance work which centres around Asian-Australian stories and are collaborations with Asian-Australian artists. @kuyajamesmusic

Kelly Beneforti is an independent dance artist and long-term dance animateur at Tracks Dance Company who is privileged to be living and working on Larrakia country and passionate about collaborative making, cultural and social exchange, and empowering participatory processes. @goodstrongz

Mikaela Lee is a multi-disciplinary artist, working predominantly in painting, digital drawing and large-scale mural work, viewing her practice as a means of building connections, community, self-realisation and play. @mikaelamaree

Britt Guy is a trans disciplinary maker and curator working across the creative, government and community sectors, and is committed to working in collaboration to create and deliver high quality best practice projects, initiatives and community building distinctive to the Northern Territory. @creativeaccomplice

Carlo Ansaldo is an artist, project manager and community facilitator working across the visual arts and music industries in Gulumerrgin (Darwin), who collaborates with artists to support and showcase Northern Territorian creatives of all persuasions. @matrix0pal

Nathan Stoneham is a community and cultural development artist who creates contemporary, socially engaged arts processes and performances, and is interested in queer and transcultural collaborations. @nathanstoneham

Kristi Monfires is a Javanese-Australian creative producer and curator, who specialises in collaborative and experimental arts projects between Asia and Australia, and is particularly interested in risk and experimentation; with a passion for working with emerging to mid-career artists. @kristi_monfries

Jocelyn Tribe is an emerging artist interested in learning about the parts of her identity that were never directly integrated as a person with Indonesian diaspora brought up in “Australia” through her artistic practice. @jiwa8899

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Naina Sen is a Walkley and AACTA nominated filmmaker and video artist, whose practice is built on long-term cross-cultural and inter-cultural collaboration. Naina works across documentary, installation and live projection, using image making to explore gender, cultural identity and equity, place and memory, privileging First Nations, South Asian and South-East Asian diasporic narratives. @nainsen

Instigated by ACCOMPLICE and Next Wave as part of Darwin Festival.



  1. MarketMarket by Migoyphoto

  2. Britt Guy

  3. Carlo Ansaldo

  4. Jocelyn Tribe

  5. Kelly Beneforti

  6. Kristi Monfires

  7. James Mangohig aka Kuya James

  8. Matthew van Roden

  9. Mikaela Lee

  10. Naina Sen

  11. Nathan Stoneham

  12. Rhanjell Villanueva