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Wed 1 – Fri 31 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics

What will your body be, and how will it behave in a virtual future? Cthuluscene explores the transformative nature of the digital to discover different notions of gender, physicality, and the post-human. Through animation, motion capture, and dance, new physical forms expand the idea of the human body and dance performance. This work draws on the ideas of diverse bodies, and the post-human through the image of the Cthuluscene. The Cthuluscene is a post-human body caught between times, living both in the past and the future. Just like its Sci-Fi namesake, the Cthulhu, the Chthuluscene is a mixed assemblage and cyborg conglomeration of parts drawn from a range of human, animal, and technical elements.

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Fri 17 — Sun 19 Mar | Perth Cultural Centre Amphitheatre (PICA)

Take a sly-octane wheelchair ride with Bruno Booth and PICA (tag us) in Dead Ends and Detours, an interactive outdoor installation meets obstacle course. Using a wheelchair, race against the clock and the system in a game of will.

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Fri 24 Mar, Yagan Square, Boorloo | Perth

WA friends, this ones for you!

You’re invited to experience Kickstart artist Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson’s work Anvár. Two years in the making, this immersive film-poem, explores the spiritual literature of Baháʼu’lláh, called the Seven Valleys and Four Valleys.

The creative development of Anvár is supported by Next Wave Kickstart 2022, and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

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Sat 25 Mar, Brunswick Mechanics

In this conversation the artists will discuss the transformative nature of the digital and the position of a body in the future and how this informs the making of their works. This talk is presented as part of FRAME: a biennial of dance 2023 followed by informal drinks at the Brunswick Mechanics.

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Thu 17, Fri 18 & Sat 19 Feb, Brunswick Mechanics
  1. Image: Dead Ends and Detours Bruno Booth. Photo: Duncan Wright (2022)

  2. Image credit: “Cthuluscene” (2023), Megan Beckwith. Photo courtesy of the artist.

  3. Image credit: “Cthuluscene” (2023), Megan Beckwith. Photo courtesy of the artist.

  4. Image: Courtesy of the artist (2021)

  5. Image: Saluhan x Next Wave presents: Radical Hospitality – Kain Na Tayo! Photography: MJ Flamiano. Art Direction: Catherine Ortega-Sandow

  6. Image: Saluhan x Next Wave presents: Radical Hospitality – Kain Na Tayo! Photography: MJ Flamiano. Art Direction: Catherine Ortega-Sandow

Burial - Devika Bilimoria & Amias Hanley

Wed 15 Feb
Theatre, Brunswick Mechanics
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Burial is an experimental performance installation that reflects on the ecologies of burying, its poetics and provocations, through live sound and video projections.

This improvised audio-visual exchange, between artists Amias Hanley and Devika Bilimoria, explores the opacities and densities of speculative underworlds. Using macro image-making techniques and discarded objects, Burial conjures the decomposition, movement, and compression of earthly substances. During this performance, geophone recordings and electromagnetic sensors are used to articulate material relations and convert frequencies that are usually outside of the human hearing spectrum into audible sounds.

This darkened subterranean experience invites the audience to lay down and contemplate burying as an ancestral and multispecies act of preservation, transformation, concealment and deceit.

Devika Bilimoria and Amias Hanley are an artistic duo working across sound, media and performance. Currently based on Wurundjeri Country in Melbourne, their work aims to facilitate the conditions for sensing, discovering and imagining alternative encounters.

In 2021 they developed the performance video INTERWORLD at Brunswick Mechanics Institute supported by Next Wave and filmed at Trocadero Art Space. Their collaborative work has been commissioned by Boxed, 2020 (IND), A Night at the Nicholas, 2019 (AUS), Falls Festival 2019 (AUS), Hillscene Festival of Live Art in 2017 (AUS), Crack Theatre Festival, 2016 (AUS).

Devika Artist Website
Amias Artist Website


Burial is supported by Next Wave through their legacy development and commission program, Kickstart

With special thanks from Dancehouse and Temperance Hall.



Brunswick Mechanics is a wheelchair accessible venue.

Next Wave would love to support your attendance at this event. For further enquiries about how we can support your access requirements, please contact our team on (03) 9387 3376 or email us at nextwave@nextwave.org.au

Performance Warnings
Possible smoke effects, haze, low lighting, loud and low frequency sounds. This is a lying down event. No drinks in performance, No photography, screen usage during performance, Please refrain from talking. This performance also includes occasional flickering and flashing projections (not strobing).

Please note: audience members cannot enter/exit the theatre once the performance has begun.

  1. Image: ’Burial’ - Devika Bilimoria and Amias Hanley. Courtesy of the artists (2022)

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