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Wed 11 May –– Sat 25 Jun | Brunswick Mechanics

Secretos de la Raíz - Innato is a multi-dimensional video installation that investigates ancestral knowledge, and the spiritual and physical connections shared across generations, cultures and continents.

Visit the Sydney Road side of Brunswick Mechanics to view this work and join us for a free performance and conversation with Kathleen Gonzalez on Jun 19.

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Sat 4 Jun | Brunswick Mechanics

What does your gut feeling look like? Can you illustrate your instincts?

In a session of art play, using acrylics and canvas, artist facilitator Aida Azin invites participants to explore their gut health while collectively painting together. No experience needed. All materials provided.

This event is part of Making it in Moreland by Arts Moreland, a free series of workshops, gatherings and talks presented by Next Wave in partnership with Moreland City Council

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Wed 8 Jun | Brunswick Mechanics

Next Wave welcomes back friends and experimental music collective, New North for their fifth concert, Veils. This concert features musicians Reuben Lewis, Jenny Barnes & Cat Hope.

Experience the pulsating delays of Reuben Lewis’s solo electroacoustic, the visceral depths of Jenny Barnes’s extended vocality, and two responses to Cat Hope’s unique graphic scores that communicate with an abstract visual language.

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Sat 11 –– Sun 26 Jun | SiteWorks, TwoSixty & Melbourne

Hyperlocal Headlines takes place as a series of artist-facilitated creative conversations and collective storytelling and writing sessions that imagine the future of news. Participants will become citizen journalists for a day, learning to collaborate with AI technologies, understand media bias and language, and explore how the ways we tell stories can impact collective futures.

Discover Hyperlocal Headlines on display across SiteWorks, TwoSixty and a Melbourne location and participate in public Work Sessions.

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Thu 16 Jun | Glenroy Community Hub

Join our host Shantel Wetherall and artists Roberta Joy Rich, Ngioka Bunda-Health and Mira Oosterweghel as they consider and discuss self-care and community within collaborative and creative practices.

This event is part of Making it in Moreland by Arts Moreland, a free series of workshops, gatherings and talks presented by Next Wave in partnership with Moreland City Council

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Sat 18 Jun | Mood Studios

You’re invited to a free 2-hour workshop with Melbourne based artist Kay Abude at Mood Studios, where we’ll gather for an afternoon of food and conversation to discuss sustainability in art practice.

This event is part of Making it in Moreland by Arts Moreland, a free series of workshops, gatherings and talks presented by Next Wave in partnership with Moreland City Council

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Sat 25 Jun | Brunswick Mechanics

Farewell the festival for another year with a night of interactive readings. As some of our favourite writers share stories, you are invited to guess who is speaking the truth, and who is spinning a web of pure fiction. Will you uncover what is real, or will it all remain a mystery? Who’s to say? Afterwards, join us on the dance floor as we celebrate the final festival night with a live DJ and our best moves.

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Thu 30 Jun | Schoolhouse Studios, Coburg

Join us for a facilitated panel discussion with artists Luke Duncan King, Larissa MacFarlane and Gemma Mahadeo who share their learnings and experiences about creating work with access at its core.

This event is part of Making it in Moreland by Arts Moreland, a free series of workshops, gatherings and talks presented by Next Wave in partnership with Moreland City Council

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Thu 14 –– Sat 16 Jul | Brunswick Mechanics

Desire is a form of possession, commanding the body from within. Do we resist its embrace, or allow it to compel us wherever it must? Drawing on film tropes of the monster queer, this electronic opera for one is a magical summoning – a longing for communion with the invisible, where the performer’s body moves, and is moved by sound.

Possession celebrates the high drama and craft of opera via a solo performer inhabited by forces beyond human control.

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Sat 9 –– Sat Jul 30

How do we see the world around us, when the dominant contemporary visual language is determined by colonial histories and capital?

In The Revolution Will Not Be Aestheticised artist Warraba Weatherall considers the way that scientific and cultural perspectives inform contemporary cultural knowledge systems and forms of representation. Researched through archival materials, Australian politics, and Indigenous knowledges, the exhibition encourages a deeper insight into the construction and transmission of Indigenous knowledge systems and its direct influence in shaping social, political and cultural futures. In assessing how cultural archetypes are maintained throughout society, Weatherall builds on an existing dialogue of contemporary cultural identity to consider what encourages a healthy cultural continuum.

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Feb 2022 | TAS, NSW, VIC
Thu Feb 24 2022 | Brunswick Mechanics VIC
Sat Feb 26 | Brunswick Mechanics, VIC
Fri 4 Feb - Sun 6 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 5 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics
Sun 6 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics, VIC
Fri 4 Feb - Sun 6 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics
Wed 9 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics, VIC
Thu 10 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics, VIC
Thu 17 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics
Sun 27 & Tues 29 Mar | Berth 4, Federation Wharf (VIC)
Wed 27 Apr, 7:30PM | Brunswick Mechanics
Thu 28th Apr, 5:30PM | Brunswick Mechanics
  1. Credit: Belinda Locke, ‘Everyday Acts of Disobedience’. Photo: Jack Dixon-Gunn

  2. Credit: Studio Portrait of Aida Azin. Photo: Thomas McCammon

  3. Image: Jenny Barnes. Courtesy of the artist.

  4. Image: Lily Nie at Paperlily Studio. Courtesy of Emerging Writers’ Festival

  5. Credit: The Purple Shall Govern (2022). Photo: Jody Haines.

  6. No caption

  7. No caption

  8. Credit: Silk screen printed textiles in the studio (2021). Photo: Kay Abude.

  9. Image: Marcus Whale - Possession. Photo: Rena Zheng.

  10. Image: Kathleen Gonzalez, Secretos de la Raiz (video still), 2022

  11. No caption

  12. Image: New North Foreign, Intimate Concert 4. Courtesy of New North

  13. Image: Radical Hospitality at Next Wave. Photo: Mae Hatrick (2022)

  14. Image: Here We Have It by Amrita Hepi, 2021, VCA Dance, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne. Image by Gregory Lorenzutti.

  15. Image: James McLean (photo credit James McLean)

  16. Image: Jacqui Shelton ‘Department of Lost Notes’ Anne Moffat (2022)

  17. Coil, Image: Lucy Parakhina (2022)

  18. Image: Coil. Photo: Rosie Hasties (2022)

  19. Image: install of Jacqui Shelton at Brunswick Mechanics. Courtesy of the artist.

  20. Image: Chik Chika Photo: Nick Mckinlay

  21. Image: Jacqui Shelton ‘Department of Lost Notes’ video- still 2022

  22. Image: Leisuretime I. Photo: Aaron Claringbold and Rebecca Mccauley (2022)

  23. Image: Magic Steven. Courtesy of the artists and Brunswick Music Festival.

  24. Image: Maria Moles. Photo: Nick Mckinlay

  25. Image: Brunswick Mechanics Institute. Photo: Anne Moffatt (2020)

  26. Image: Coil. Photo:Diana Domonkos

Department of Lost Notes

Countercurrents: Department of Lost notes
Jacqui Shelton
Fri 4 Feb – Sat 6 Mar
Public Program Sat 6 Mar, 2pm | Register here
Closing Celebration Sat 6 Mar, 4pm
Brunswick Mechanics

Department of Lost Notes is a four-channel video that attempts to capture the impact of receiving large amounts of emotionally charged data (texts, poems, quotes, emails) from the perspective of a digital device. Department of Lost Notes operates from a speculative position that imagines a smart phone organising by the digital interactions that replace face-to-face during lockdowns and periods of isolation. Department of Lost Notes gathers multiple experiences of isolation through the intermediary of a phone, anonymising and collating diverse text submissions from the public that capture their digitised personal thoughts.

Presented as part of Countercurrents a new public art commissioning partnership between Next Wave and Moreland City Council. Countercurrents is intended to support both site-specific and community-based public art projects.

Want to contribute?

Next Wave and Jacqui Shelton invite you to participate in Department of Lost Notes: Working Group public program where participants will contribute text from their notes app towards a collective document of digital experience. The artist will guide groups through a process of editing and physical orientation, that will inscribe texts developed collaboratively as walks in the local vicinity of Brunswick Mechanics.

Department of Lost Notes Public Program
Sat 6 Mar, 2pm | Register here

This process will develop a series of multiple stories and texts that participants can share as a walk and recite to friends and family, as a record of collective experiences of distance and the varied differences within these text-based representations.

This work archives community submissions to construct a collective experience of isolation and distance. You are invited to contribute personal notes to be included in the work via this link.

Jacqui Shelton is an artist and writer born on Barada Barna land, central QLD, and based in Narrm, Melbourne. Her work uses text, performance, filmmaking and photography to explore the complications of performance and presence, and how voice, language, and image can collaborate or undermine one another. Jacqui is especially interested in how emotion and embodied experience can be made public and activated to reveal a complex politics of living-together, and the tensions this makes visible.

  1. Jacqui Shelton, Department of Lost Notes (video still), 2022