Artists ⏤ We Want To Meet You.

We’re here to make friends and seed a constellation of connections locally, and across the continent. So if you’re an artist, we invite you to Introduce Yourself.

Aiming to take the hard work out of traditional Artist Call Outs, we’ve designed a form that should be quick, honouring the unremunerated work involved for independent artists. Let’s get straight to who you are, what you’re working on and dreaming about. Our year-round invitation to artists offers a new way to participate with Next Wave.

Our lovely team of Creative Producers will get in touch with ways we can work together; mapping out opportunities and activity that you might be interested in.

Let’s ponder the big questions over a cuppa, show you around our space or form a new collaboration.

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  1. Friends embracing at Brunswick Mechanics. Photo: Anne Moffat (2020) Taken before Covid-19.