Farewelling our Inaugural Artistic Directorate

Next Wave bids farewell (for now!) to our outgoing Artistic Directorate: Amaara Raheem (VIC), Daley Rangi (WA), Dominic Guerrera (SA), Kristi Monfries (ACT), Naina Sen (NT), Nathan Stoneham (QLD), Theia Connell (TAS) and Tian Zhang (NSW).

The wrap up of our inaugural Artistic Directorate term signals an important moment in Next Wave’s story. This collective of independent practitioners have helped us reach all corners of the continent and beyond to connect with experimental artists and practices. They have played a crucial role in Next Wave’s transition from a local festival to a national artistic movement, and have embedded the Curation as Care framework as a liveable, breathable operating model.

We thank and express our gratitude to Amaara, Daley, Dominic, Kristi, Naina, Nathan, Theia, and Tian for their commitment and adaptability while we tested this new model.

Next Wave is experimental by nature, and this truly was an exploration in collectivism, friendship and enabling new ways to support artists.

We are excited for the new cohort to continue this path of experimentation and build on Next Wave’s 40-year legacy. We look forward to introducing you to them soon, but for now we thank the outgoing directorate for their collective artistic leadership.

    1. Colour portrait of Amaara Raheem.
    2. Colour portrait of Daley Rangi
    3. Colour portrait of Dominic Guerrera
    4. Colour portrait of Kristi Monfries
    5. Colour portrait of Naina Sen
    6. Colour portrait of Nathan Stoneham
    7. Colour portrait of Theia Connell
    8. Colour portrait of Tian Zhang