Meet: Prue Stevenson

Meet Kickstart artist: Prue Stevenson (VIC)💥

An artist and proud autistic person, Prue explores autistic pleasures, necessities and culture, using repetitive and tactile processes, allowing for experiences of sensory play, creating spaces and opportunities for downtime.

Working with oil, ceramics, textiles, installation and performance, @prue_stevenson advocates for the identity, empowerment and sensory awareness of the autistic community. She intersects and collides against preconditioned stigmas and resultant systematic oppression, aiming to celebrate and progress autistic culture for autistics, whilst creating experiences more broadly accessible.

Prue joins the 2021 Kickstart cohort alongside Delali Zevon-Aniakwah (ACT), Jocelyn Tribe (NT), Kartanya Maynard (TAS), Rachael Anderson (SA), Devika Bilimoria + Amias Hanley (VIC), Ivy Mutuku (VIC), Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson (WA), Rhanjell Villanueva (QLD) & Re-Right Collective (NSW).

For twenty years Kickstart has worked with early-career artists, inspiring them to create their most ambitious work to date, presented at Next Wave Festival in Melbourne. Alongside our plans for 2022 and beyond, we reconsider and reinvent what our legacy commissioning and artist development program could be.

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Image: Colour portrait of Prue Stevenson.

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