Get Involved: Hyperlocal Headlines

How does language influence our world view, or reveal our biases? Will the future of news be hyperlocal or distributed? Who writes it, how is it accessed, and who controls it?

Hyperlocal Headlines takes place as a series of artist-facilitated creative conversations and collective storytelling and writing sessions that imagine the future of news. Participants will become citizen journalists for a day, learning to collaborate with AI technologies, understand media bias and language, and explore how the ways we tell stories can impact collective futures.

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On display: Sat 11 ⏤ Sun 26 June across Siteworks, TwoSixty & Queen Victoria Women’s Centre
Get involved: Work Sessions Sat 11 & Tues 14 Jun at Siteworks & Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

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  1. Image: Hyperlocal Headlines. Photo: Jacquie Manning (2022)