Next Wave is more than just a festival. We facilitate learning programs and provide creative development opportunities for artists from around Australia; we regularly present interdisciplinary and contemporary performance work at our venue and in partnership with our peers; and we work hard to improve the conditions for experimental artists working in Australia today.

Make art or die trying.

Making art takes time and space and money and friends and weird ideas and useful feedback and industry hook-ups and marketing tricks and thinking time and writing time and doing time and talking time and stacks of other stuff. We can’t give you all those things but we can offer free space, tech advice and support - our theatre and studios at Brunswick Mechanics Institute are beautiful, flexible spaces to try things out.

Applications for development time are open twice a year, the next one is in November 2019.

In the meantime, check out some of the current works-in-development!

  1. Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen, WAISTD Development, 2019. Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti.