Meet: Delali Zevon-Aniakwah

Meet Kickstart artist: Delali Zevon-Aniakwah (ACT) 💥

Delali is a vocalist, producer and composer hailing from Ngunnawal Country.

Following an adolescence sound tracking her life to idiosyncratic electronic music, she started her practice in Naarm as a lead and backing vocalist for jazz, soul & hip-hop artists.

In 2018 she reclaimed her electronic fixation, launching her experimental solo recording project VOLTA HYMN with her debut EP, CLEAN. After a return to her hometown and a string of single releases, she was awarded an Australian Council for the Arts & Phonographic Performance Company of Australia recording partnership to record and promote her forthcoming debut LP “Incognito Mode”.

Delali draws from everyday euphoria - crushes, escapism, revenge fantasies - in her synth and voice driven experimental-electronic music which is equal parts staunch, celestial & introspective.

At the moment, she’s excited by travel + creating instrumental and or acapella work and working on her debut LP.

For twenty years Kickstart has worked with early-career artists, inspiring them to create their most ambitious work to date, presented at Next Wave Festival in Melbourne. Alongside our plans for 2022 and beyond, we reconsider and reinvent what our legacy commissioning and artist development program could be.

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