Challenging governance and gathering

As Next Wave continues to ride a swell of experimentation, we are guided by a newly elected flock of cultural and corporate innovators based near and far. This group scaffolds what it means to integrate governance and gathering into practice; prioritising social justice, equity, friendship and care in their leadership and stewardship of a 36-year legacy.

They join us as we seed new plans that support and enrich artist livelihoods and respond to ideas that reflect the zeitgeist, critiquing how we can come together during (extended) moments of separation and unpredictability.

They inherit the events and outcomes of a difficult year for Next Wave and our community, engendering rigorous discourse and exchange that challenges how we have worked in the past, and inform how we will collaborate from here on.

Enough pivoting, it’s time to pilot.

With this in mind,
and with great excitement, we introduce to you,
Next Wave’s
Brains Trust,

Veronica Pardo (Chair), Shantel Wetherall, Amrit Gill, Kate Robinson (Secretary) and Kath Duncan who join Hinda Crosbie (Treasurer), Lesley Gillan and Nicole Smith.

Get to know them

On this change, Veronica Pardo (Chair) says “this is such an exciting moment to be engaged with the Next Wave community, as we look towards a future where arts and culture is inextricably linked to our individual and collective wellbeing, as a force for change, healing, connection and imagination. I’m looking forward to leading governance processes that prioritise deep care for each other and the communities we serve, brave experimentation and risk taking in the face of present challenges, and placing plurality at the centre of our being, thinking and making.”

Sydney-based Amrit Gill comments “the next phase of the Next Wave story is abundant with opportunities to take its unique mission in the arts ecology supporting the careers of early-career artists across the continent. We are committed to responding to the evolving needs of artists, in cities and in the regions, and actively engaging in discourse on how we gather and present art at times like these. I’m thrilled to join the Board at this pivotal time under the innovative and inclusive leadership of Jamie Lewis and Veronica Pardo, and I look forward to the journey ahead."

We thank outgoing members Vanessa Pigrum, Ishtar Vij, Stephen Armstrong, Steven Rhall, Kristy Ayre for their work on the Board.

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