This website is for you.

This website was created for all users to enjoy and navigate the pages easily.

The pop-up ‘access toolbar’ at the base of the website has multiple functions:

Auslan Icon Allows user to watch an Auslan video on how to use this website.

Toggle Graphic Lines Removes the coloured graphic lines so that the website can be seen plainly.

Remove Clutter Allows user to view the page as plain text.

Screen Mask Blocks distractions on the screen by using a tinted mask.

Speak Allows user to enable computer to speak selected text.

Download mp3 Allows user to download selected text as an mp3.

We are committed to improving the accessibility of this website. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or spot any problems, by emailing The Department of Human Services has a great guide on how to navigate websites using a keyboard, and change your font size, style and colour, depending on which browser you use.

  1. Auslan Icon

  2. Download mp3

  3. Remove clutter

  4. Toggle lines

  5. Screen mask

  6. Speak selected text

  7. Alasdair Doyle and Liam James, ‘Something Less’, 2016. Photo courtesy the artists.