A world shaped by artists.

Next Wave is an engine room for art making and experimentation, dreaming and doing, exchange and connection. We support artists from across this continent, amplifying ambitious ideas, experimental practice and critical storytelling that reflects the zeitgeist of our times. We present, advocate, develop and collaborate.

From a strong home-base in Melbourne at the Brunswick Mechanics, we are looking to outer-metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, and across the continent. We prioritise processes that start with elders, community and place.

We continue to support emerging artists through programs like Kickstart. We are building an intergenerational focus through an Artistic Directorate of experienced practitioners and commissions for mid-career artists. We foreground a collegiate approach, engaging artists as self-determined and equal partners, developing projects on terms that best serve each work.


A world shaped by artists.


Next Wave facilitates artists and their arts practices through relationship building and ideas exchange, creative and skill development, and the resources to support the research and presentation of work – across disciplines, art forms and generations.


Next Wave’s values inform our activities. Every aspect of the organisation – including programming, partnerships, funding, curation, staffing, communications and relationship-building – are guided by, grounded in, and expressions of, our values.


First Nations, first – forming genuine relationships with elders, communities and artists, to embed best practice throughout all aspects of our operations that is informed by consultation and on-going community engagement efforts.

Anti-racist – committing to racial literacy that is both rigorous and nuanced, which centres the voices of the Global Majority.

Self-determined practice – centering the visions, aspirations and needs of artists and their communities, which are informed by their diverse lived and cultural experiences.

Equity – minimising barriers to engagement, and actively extending opportunities beyond the inner-city to the suburbs, regions and rural communities

Artist-centred – prioritising money and resources for artists and their projects in relation to overall organisational spending.


Mutuality – intrinsically valuing each other as equals, each with the unique opportunity and responsibility for exchange, to give and receive, listen and speak, teach and learn.

Cultural integrity – respecting and honouring individual practice, positionality, and connection to country, context and place, collaborating in ways that are non-extractive and non-appropriative.

Generosity – where relationships beget relationships, connecting artists to an expansive, living and growing network of fellow artists, communities, organisations and audiences across cultures, generations, geographies and artforms.


A culture of safety for artists, audiences and staff – inviting us to bring our full selves to every encounter where personal and cultural obligations such as parenting, caring, Sorry Business, health and wellbeing are given space and consideration.

Moving at the speed of friendship – engendering flexible and responsive work environments, structures, timelines and conditions that are culturally safe, accessible and nurturing.

Cultural competence – investing deeply in training staff and artists to be equipped with the capacity and sensibility to do their most fulfilling work.

Healthy work environments, sustainable practices and prioritising wellbeing – ensuring we thrive, in our physical and mental wellbeing, prioritising health for the environment, as an organisation, sector and society.

  1. Nat Randall, premiere of The Second Woman at Next Wave 2016.