From the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people of the Eastern Kulin Nations, Next Wave is privileged to traverse the land and waterways of this continent of many nations – to share in the act of art making and culture building – grounded on justice, friendship and care. This always was, and always will be, Aboriginal land.

Curation As Care

Curation is an intrinsic part of all arts organisations. It is a multi-layered, conscious and unconscious process that extends far beyond the moment of an artist call-out or peer review panel. Inherent elements of labour, gatekeeping, literacy, initiation, relationship and hierarchy are involved in all selection processes.

As Next Wave continues to embark on a new era of experimentation, we want to increase accessibility for artists who engage with us and our programs. Our team – which is spread across this continent – invests in a diverse and expansive network of knowledgeable artists and producers tasked with proactively engaging their communities.

We want to consider the labour and remuneration balance between salaried employees and unpaid independent artists. Through curation we aim to remove the workload of extensive and highly competitive artist call outs that favour certain social, cultural and economic conditions over others.

Next Wave is guided by our values of Justice, Friendship and Care, committing to proactive curation done with rigour, transparency and integrity. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all – the artists we support will be the measure of our success.

The following articulation has been crafted together with the Artistic Directorate, and will guide Next Wave’s curatorial practice from 2021-2025. This may evolve and change, as programs, people and appetites shift.

Justice, Friendship and Care as actions
Next Wave invites radical change from the status quo. Making change is a proactive commitment.

Community and Country
Our practice begins on Country. We hold space to learn, listen and uplift an artist and their communities, and care for Country.

Moving at the speed of friendship
Friendships exist beyond time-specific engagement bound to events and programs. We give time and space to foster relationships that are reciprocal and durable between artists and Next Wave.

Managing  hierarchy respectfully
Power dynamics permeate all organisations, and we commit to relationships with independent artists that are filled with respect and care.

Art is culture; culture is art
We are interested in a wide expression of artistic and cultural practice, and we invite new ideas about who, and what forms of practice we work with.

Enabling rigorous,  experimental and radical work
We are an engine room for experimentation, encouraging artists to challenge artistic and cultural practices and forms, and approach work from radical and non-conventional frameworks.

Making an impact
We support generous, imaginative and courageous artists whose practices engage in community building, knowledge sharing and environmental justice, and who are dedicated to building a creative life. We strive to facilitate practices and amplify impact to reverberate beyond the artwork.

Note: This is a living commitment. It informs our approach to practice. It defines the curatorial questions developed with the current Artistic Directorate and will evolve and shift as new programs, and cycles renew.

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