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Feb 2022 | TAS, NSW, VIC
Thu Feb 24 2022 | Brunswick Mechanics VIC
Sat Feb 26 | Brunswick Mechanics, VIC
Fri 4 Feb - Sun 6 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 5 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics
Sun 6 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics, VIC
Fri 4 Feb - Sun 6 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics
Wed 9 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics, VIC
Thu 10 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics, VIC
Thu 17 Mar | Brunswick Mechanics
Sun 27 & Tues 29 Mar | Berth 4, Federation Wharf (VIC)
Wed 27 Apr, 7:30PM | Brunswick Mechanics
Thu 28th Apr, 5:30PM | Brunswick Mechanics
Wed 11 May –– Sat 25 Jun | Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 4 Jun | Brunswick Mechanics
Wed 8 Jun | Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 11 –– Sun 26 Jun | SiteWorks, TwoSixty & Melbourne
Thu 16 Jun | Glenroy Community Hub
Sat 25 Jun | Brunswick Mechanics
Thu 30 Jun | Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 9 Jul | Mood Studios
Thu 14 –– Sat 16 Jul | Brunswick Mechanics
Sat 9 Jul –– Sat Aug 13
  1. Credit: Belinda Locke, ‘Everyday Acts of Disobedience’. Photo: Jack Dixon-Gunn

  2. Credit: Studio Portrait of Aida Azin. Photo: Thomas McCammon

  3. Image: Jenny Barnes. Courtesy of the artist.

  4. Image: Lily Nie at Paperlily Studio. Courtesy of Emerging Writers’ Festival

  5. Credit: The Purple Shall Govern (2022). Photo: Jody Haines.

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  8. Credit: Silk screen printed textiles in the studio (2021). Photo: Kay Abude.

  9. Image: Marcus Whale - Possession. Photo: Rena Zheng.

  10. Image: Kathleen Gonzalez, Secretos de la Raiz (video still), 2022

  11. No caption

  12. Image: New North Foreign, Intimate Concert 4. Courtesy of New North

  13. Image: Radical Hospitality at Next Wave. Photo: Mae Hatrick (2022)

  14. Image: Here We Have It by Amrita Hepi, 2021, VCA Dance, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne. Image by Gregory Lorenzutti.

  15. Image: James McLean (photo credit James McLean)

  16. Image: Jacqui Shelton ‘Department of Lost Notes’ Anne Moffat (2022)

  17. Coil, Image: Lucy Parakhina (2022)

  18. Image: Coil. Photo: Rosie Hasties (2022)

  19. Image: install of Jacqui Shelton at Brunswick Mechanics. Courtesy of the artist.

  20. Image: Chik Chika Photo: Nick Mckinlay

  21. Image: Jacqui Shelton ‘Department of Lost Notes’ video- still 2022

  22. Image: Leisuretime I. Photo: Aaron Claringbold and Rebecca Mccauley (2022)

  23. Image: Magic Steven. Courtesy of the artists and Brunswick Music Festival.

  24. Image: Maria Moles. Photo: Nick Mckinlay

  25. Image: Brunswick Mechanics Institute. Photo: Anne Moffatt (2020)

  26. Image: Coil. Photo:Diana Domonkos

Nomads Like Us + Magic Steven

Nomads Like Us + Magic Steven
Wed 9 Mar
Brunswick Mechanics
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Award winning composer/pianist duo Nomads Like Us present an evocative night of live music.

With support from artist and poet Magic Steven, Nomads Like Us craft a genre bending live set on pianos. Part planned, part improvised, this music is intricate, deep, soulful, sweet, nostalgic, exciting, sometimes eerie and utterly mesmerising. Reminiscent of times past, present and future, Christina Higham and Victoria Cotta create an immersive, cinematic and sublime music and visual experience.

Presented as part of Brunswick Music Festival.

Christina Higham is a post classical composer, pianist and performer based in Brunswick, Naarm. Guided by intuitive improvisation her poignant and expansive piano pieces have captured the imagination of listeners worldwide.

She has released music with NYC label Sonder House, 1631 Recordings and Germany’s Silent Beat Records, and has contributed to compilations and composition projects worldwide. Formed in 2019, Christina also composes and performs as part of award winning collaborative audio visual duo Nomads Like Us.

Victoria Cotta is a multi-instrumentalist whose compositions and performances have taken place across the world. Classically trained, she studied jazz and popular music at university, cultivating a love for music that spans multiple genres.

Her debut album of solo piano compositions spanning 15 years of work was released in 2019. Deeply fascinated by time, space and the metaphysical, she combines the unusual, the beautiful and the intellectual to captivate listeners through her original compositions. Nomads Like Us brings two like minds together, who through the use of collaborative composition and film, create a third mind for audiences to peer into.

Magic Steven is an artist based in Naarm/Melbourne who makes ink drawings and animated videos, as well as doing live performances from time to time. His performances have been described as autobiographical storytelling, deadpan comedy, guided meditation, group therapy and long-form beat poetry.

  1. Nomads like Us. Courtesy of the artists

  2. Magic Steven. Courtesy of the artist