Next Wave is more than just a festival. We facilitate learning programs and provide creative development opportunities for artists from around Australia; we regularly present interdisciplinary and contemporary performance work at our venue and in partnership with our peers; and we work hard to improve the conditions for experimental artists working in Australia today.

What's On

Next Wave is more than just a festival, and we host one-off events and programs even when we’re not holding a Festival! Learn more about upcoming events including learning programs, creative developments, film screenings, performances, advocacy programs, exhibitions, parties and more.

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Where the sacred and sensual meet

Thu 20 Feb - Sun 23 Feb, Brunswick Mechanics Institute

A Super-warrior Mob of Artists

Sat 2 Nov, Brunswick Mechanics Institute

Halloween Party

Thu 31 Oct, South Lawn, University of Melbourne

Multi-realities on screen and beyond

Thu 24 Oct, Forum Theatre, Arts West, University of Melbourne.

Race and representation on screen

Thu 17 Oct, Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne.

  1. No caption

  2. Marcus Whale and Eugene Choi, Praise!. Photo: Daniel Boud.

  3. Artwork: Bobby Virgona

  4. Film still

  5. Live Work, a performance by VCA alumni Arini Byng, Aaron Christopher Rees and dancer Megan Payne.

  6. Film still: Catch Fish, 2005 (Director: Adam Arkapaw)