Next Wave is more than just a festival. We facilitate learning programs and provide creative development opportunities for artists from around Australia; we regularly present interdisciplinary and contemporary performance work at our venue and in partnership with our peers; and we work hard to improve the conditions for experimental artists working in Australia today.

Deep art engagement.

Working with the University of Melbourne’s New Student Precinct across a multi-year campus activations project, Next Wave envisions and delivers annual programs of student mentorships, socially engaged and participatory projects and large-scale artistic commissions. Using our deep art knowledge and passion for creating art environments for all, we engage students and audiences to embrace the transitional, forgotten and peripheral histories of the site, and provide an opportunity for innovative thinking about the way we live, adapt and learn; as individuals and a community.

  1. The Living Pavilion, Melbourne University, 2019. Photo by Lara Gissing.