Next Wave is more than just a festival. We facilitate learning programs and provide creative development opportunities for artists from around Australia; we regularly present interdisciplinary and contemporary performance work at our venue and in partnership with our peers; and we work hard to improve the conditions for experimental artists working in Australia today.

Art you've never seen before.

Artists know what they need to make art, and Next Wave knows how to make things happen. With our powers combined, Next Wave Festival exists, taking over Melbourne every two years with unprecedented new work that pushes past what we think art is and should be into the places we didn’t even know we wanted but now we are here and oh heck yes please more.

After a year working with our artists through Kickstart, we premier never before seen in the history of ever art-things together. Next Wave Festival is surprising and generous, we are passionate and critical, we are art and we are action and, after 35 years, we continue to bring artists and audiences together in new, better, best ways.

  1. Camel by Geoffrey Watson, Next Wave Festival 2016. Photo by Thomas Russell.