Next Wave is more than just a festival. We facilitate learning programs and provide creative development opportunities for artists from around Australia; we regularly present interdisciplinary and contemporary performance work at our venue and in partnership with our peers; and we work hard to improve the conditions for experimental artists working in Australia today.

Come on over baby.

Brunswick Mechanics Institute is a centre for experimental performance and artist-led learning, operated by Next Wave.

We give free space to artists to develop new work, present festivals, seasons and one-off events of experimental performance, new music and contemporary dance, we throw parties and host classes, lectures and workshops led by artists. It’s such a good time it would be fun to live there, like if you were in a big continuous share house party where everyone was really respectful, played good music, drank nice drinks, organised cute movie nights and had weird and sometimes profound (but always fun) experiences.

Unfortunately you can’t live there because the ghosts won’t allow it. But you can visit all the time just like a friendly neighbour and it will be the best. Visit BMI here.

  1. The Brunswick Mechanics Institute.