Pegboard: We calculated our birth chart 🌙


Hey Wavers,

We spent the week digging up Next Wave’s birthday and calculating our chart. It’s just as predicted: we’re an Aries Sun. Also, to give you a more comprehensive sweep of our chart, we’re an Aquarius Moon and a Taurus Ascending. It makes sense that we’re always up to something new.

It’s been a busy week for the NWF2020 cohort. Marcus Whale released his new album, Lucifer, and it sounds like a sharp, dreamy, divine miracle.

Matt Aitken and Alex Last are both up for the Heathcote Cultural Precinct Digital Art Prize. Matt Aitken’s collaborative work, Land Scale looks to the altered landscapes and freeway extensions of Perth’s northern suburbs and erases them to a blank slate to project our desires onto. Alex Last’s Dream Yield follows a crop of black beans and their investigation in search of fair price.

Libby Harward is one of the artists commissioned to create a new work for HOTA.

Andy Butler is among the group of Collingwood artists pushing for expanded council grants schemes for arts during the Pandemic.

Arti Chetty of Pacific Climate Warriors published a piece about the PCW–Tal Fitzpatrick collaboration that was presented as a part of Assemble!

Moreblessing Maturure has teamed up with Afro Sistahs to create MASC (working title). Her screen-directing debut will be an anthology examining modern masculinity.

Finally, VCR Fest kicks off tomorrow, with Roshelle Fong taking part in a Fringe Artist discussion on digital art.

Next Wave xx

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  1. Amrita Hepi, Cass, 2020. Image: Screenshot taken from an interaction with Cass