We asked for eight

It’s in our DNA to test, embrace change and pilot. 
We’ve been doing it for 35 years – seeding networks, breaking new ground and pollinating art-making across this country, wide and far.  
With this embedded in our legacy and our future, we open up our artistic leadership model to orientate our work beyond our hub in Brunswick and guide our key programs and activities. 
In true Next Wave style, rather than having one Artistic Director, we asked for eight – an ensemble who will be pivotal in generating ideas, extending networks and unearthing new artistic voices and visions.

The Artistic Directorate will work with Next Wave for two years, curating and mentoring, shaping connectivity of artists across the continent and offering local perspectives on practice and communities.

We recognise the generosity and goodwill these identified mid-career and established artists inherently possess, and acknowledge the intrinsic value of their existing relationships, network and experience they bring to these positions

Meet them here.

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