Poona - Roshelle Fong & Keziah Warner

We are so thrilled to announce the presentation of Poona by Next Wave Festival 2020 artists Roshelle Fong & Keziah Warner, showing next month at the Chinese Museum.

Poona – Roshelle Fong & Keziah Warner

Welcome to 2050. The country is witnessing one of the tightest presidential runs in history, with one-time underdog, independent party candidate Poona Li Hung, now an unlikely frontrunner.

In 1997, the controversial book, Pauline Hanson: The Truth imagined Australia in the year 2050, run by Poona, a “lesbian… of Indian and Chinese background” and… a cyborg. Multidisciplinary artist Roshelle Fong and playwright Keziah Warner bring Poona to life in this necessary and timely interactive theatre work.

As a Poona staffer on the campaign trail, only you can navigate the election cycle to determine your candidate’s future. Fasten your ‘Vote Poona’ badge, collect that last-minute polling data, and brace yourself – will Poona be voted Cyborg in Chief?

The fate of the nation is up to you.

Join us 11 May - 23 May at the Chinese Museum.
On sale now: Tickets + Sessions


Supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program.

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