Pegboard: Our artists in the headlines, premonitions, and school night martinis

Our artists in the headlines, premonitions, and school night martinis

Hi Wavers,

In early 2019 we envisioned a world led by artists. Just on twelve months have passed, and that world has come hurtling towards us in ways profoundly unexpected, destabilising and paradigm-shifting.

Within weeks of plastering our Festival cohort’s Government of Artists agenda across Melbourne, calling for change and action, the world stopped and we retreated, reassessed and re-envisioned.

Assemble! – a responsive program led by our Festival 2020 artists provided hospitality, shared systems of care and continued leadership under a new world order, and their voices continue to resonate.

This week, Ayeesha Ash penned a response in the Sydney Morning Herald to Beyoncé’s viral Class of 2020 speech, and questioned what happens once the news cycle stops reporting on Black Lives Matter.

Marcus Whale has shared his thoughts on forthcoming album Lucifer, moisturising as self-care and the ritual of religion with Liminal Magazine.

South Australia’s fine print magazine recently launched edition 23 on GOVERNANCE, hinging off our proposition of a world led by artists.

Witness Performance published the final of their Assemble! reviews with timely thoughts on delivery and Domestic Art. And, our Marketing & Engagement Coordinator Lujayn Hourani presented their poetry as part of Refugee Week at The Wheeler Centre

Our office wins have touched on self-soothing by making soup, seeing friends and the magic return of school night martinis. As we take time for some rest and future-planning, scroll on to see how you can win a subscription to MUBI, discover artist opportunities, and participate in thanking those who helped us make Assemble! a huge, warm success.

With love,
Next Wave

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  1. Image: Bruno Boot artist billboard, 2020. Photo by Ella Sowinska