Pegboard: 2020 Phase two


Hey Wavers,

The winter solstice has come and gone which means later sunsets, earlier sunrises, and a bump back up in vitamin D. Are we ready for the days to get longer in a year that already feels like forever?

We’re rolling with the punches in 2020. We’re rallying responsibly and constantly re-thinking ways to do more in the fight for social justice. In Victoria, we’re quietly and diligently re-entering lockdown – masks on, sanitiser at the ready.

This week, our Associate Producer, Nikki Lam, launched Hyphenated Projects Biennale along with Phuong Ngo. It’s the collective’s first large-scale project, and will facilitate ongoing dialogues and collaborations between First Nations artists and Asian diasporic artists living and working in so-called Australia.

Although Assemble! is over, the Next Wave 2020 artists are still finding ways to lead the conversation. Warraba Weatherall recently published his piece, Black Lives Matter: Movements and Murals with Meanjin.

Aaron Claringbold is participating in KINGS ARI’s Live from Lock Down series, writing about visibility and detention.

Moreblessing Maturure is one of ATYP’s RoomWorks workshop leaders this week.

Kalanjay Dhir is presenting his Assemble! video work, Immersion: Parra River Patch, at SIGNAL.

We’ve been bopping our heads to Alice Skye’s new single) and breathing in the sweet smells of Ivey Wawn’s perfume (and book that have started landing in people’s letterboxes.

i/r/t staying home, it looks like we’re not done with that just yet. In the meantime, we’ll keep beaming out artist opportunities and sharing our favourite scrollable content. As soon as we’re ready to present IRL again, we promise you’ll be the first to know.

Next Wave xx

Jacqueline, is reading
Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor
Alec, is reading
Points of Departure: notes on online space
Nikki, is reading
The ‘Art World’ Can’t Exist in a Decolonized Future
Anita, is reading
From Racial Capitalism to Prison Abolitionism: a BISR Teach-In
Sullivan, is reading
Colouring the Rainbow
Lujayn, is listening to
The rallying cry heard the world over
Brigitte, is listening to
Grand Ideas – Alice Skye
Priya, is listening to
Intercepted Podcast: Ruth Wilson Gilmore on Abolition

  1. Billboard by Make or Break, Photo by Ella Sowinska