EVERYONE IS FAMOUS season April 2021

Next Wave Festival 2020 artists are beginning to roll out representations. We’re so thrilled to see our friends at Riotstage preparing for their season in April at Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre.

Get tickets + read more: https://bit.ly/2Qy12ay


Nine young folk wade through the wasteland of the internet to find themselves.

The internet is the Wild West. Persona in 2021 is post-ironic, post-truth, post and delete, pre-apocalypse and politically charged. It is freeing, it is constricting, it is genderbending/breaking/ignoring. It is Cardi, it is catfishers, it is completely new, it is Hype House, it is Rachel Dolezal, it is red vs. blue, it is Fyre Festival, it is #like4like, it is Miley, it is Kylie, it is filtered and honed. It is up to you. It is an art. It is a career. It is breaking all the rules. It is more complicated than ever.

In EVERYONE IS FAMOUS, a group of kidz pioneer this new uncertain territory on stage for you to witness with awe/shock/pleasure/horror/commiseration/empathy/lols. Image is not just attached to our bodies, it’s in the cloud. We step away and look at it from a distance, save it, delete it, like it, boost it.

**Image courtesy of the artists. Photo: Pia Johnson

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