Coil - re:group Summer season

Streaming killed the video store.

An elegy to the closure of the local video shop, Coil is about nostalgia, loneliness, friendship and viability.

The local video store was a communal space. It represented possibility, adventure, camaraderie, risk. Browsing the wide range of online streaming sites has replaced wandering the aisles of our local video shops, but what does the loss of these physical librarial spaces do to us? How does it affect our friendships, our culture, our engagement with the town at large?

Next Wave Festival 2020 artists re: group are embarking on a Summer tour sprinkling shows in nipaluna/Hobart as part of Mona Foma and with our friends PACT paying homage to the brightly lit video libraries of our past, and commemorating the communities we made within them, next to the choc tops and New Releases.

Get tickets: Sydney season at PACT
Get tickets: nipaluna/Hobart season as part of Mona Foma

Stay tuned for Melbourne season dates + tickets, coming soon 💥

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