Announcing: Curation as Care

We map a future of year-round activity that unearths new voices, ideas and culture where artists dream up new work to be developed and presented in their hometowns across this continent.

Embedding curation into our way of working, we rethink the current approach to artist callouts and embark on a practice that is done with rigour, care, transparency and integrity.

We acknowledge that traditional ‘callouts’ and ‘Expressions of Interest’ formats have a place in some structures across the sector, but it doesn’t always provide the equal playing field presented at face value. These processes can favour conventional types of literacy and cultural initiation that often maintain the status quo and structures that benefit some. These processes also add to disproportionate and unremunerated labour – a serious burden for independent practitioners, especially with cultural/domestic caring responsibilities, amongst our different lived experiences within the current climate.

Each person in our creative and leadership team carry with them a constellation of connection; running through cities and regions like waterways, and flow between virtual and in-person spaces. Through their practices, they have accumulated invaluable knowledge, relationships and resources that ensure that art-making with Next Wave continues to be connected, rich and dynamic.

But our doors are always open. Wherever you are at with your practice or a project idea – perhaps it’s space you need for a development phase, or equipment to broadcast, or you have a seed to an ambitious work you don’t know where to start – share with us here. Our Creative Producers will review these quarterly and look for ways to work together and/or facilitate a connection or two.

Come dream with us, as we continue to wade the waters and harness the possibilities with you.

Read more about our approach to Curating here.

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