Next Wave all-stars.


Roslyn’s career took off when her hacky skills went viral on Instagram. Ronaldo’s been crying in the corner ever since (sorry, Cristiano). In other news, she’s been keeping busy making art and breaking-hearts, and sometimes, breaking-hearts during making art. Roslyn is imaginative, passionate and cares deeply – whether it’s for the artists she’s working hard to support, the team she’s working with, or the olive oil to feta cheese ratios she’s balancing on her salad (never enough of either). We’re very lucky to have Roslyn’s visionary and exciting ideas, great attention to detail and belief that the only world worth living in, is one led by artists.

  • SW
General Manager

One part advocate and activist, one part creative, one part whirlwind of a human being with a heart of gold, Priya leads projects and plans with humour and warmth. ‘General Manager’? More like General Everything! Multi-skilled and multi-faceted, she brightens the office with determination, love and snacks. Shot, Priya!

  • AR
Senior Producer

Bron is a bright spark with a never-ending supply of genius entrepreneurial business ideas, matched only by her unstoppable, laugh-out-loud jokes. She is Melbourne’s friendliest producer and creative mind. Her ideas excite and unite us and we hope she never leaves Next Wave, unless it’s to pursue her dream career goal of being a Cartoon Voice Actor.

  • SP
Business & Operations Manager

Sully is the business. We’ve lured them from the hazy depths of the clubs to come make Next Wave actually happen - a massive undertaking they accomplish with a cheeky grin and double thumbs up. They’re funny and friendly and always down to kick the footy. A long-time champion of access and inclusivity in the arts, we are lucky pumpkins to have this one in our midst.

  • BB
Marketing and Communications Manager

Sarah Werkmeister is a comms (and kitchen) wizard. She cops it for enjoying milk in her peppermint tea (who does that?!) but hands-down cooks up the yummiest schnitzels, cakes, marketing strategies and websites. She is also a freelance writer, editor, researcher, broadcaster and curator and we love it when she does walking handstands around the office. What a gun.

  • MS
Program and Operations Manager: Brunswick Mechanics Institute

Jacqueline is an arts manager and arts advocate, on the ground and making magic happen at Brunswick Mechanics Institute alongside her dog, Etta. Jacqueline has an impressive range of experience developing and delivering programming and events in partnership with artists and organisations across multiple arts disciplines. She also currently works as a Producer for Hear My Eyes Cinema Events.

  • MS
Associate Producer: Partnerships

Like any good Pisces, Anita is an expressive, intuitive and imaginative soul. Next Wave’s zodiac fish is ruled by Neptune, named after the Roman god of the sea, and possess all the wonders of Neptunian energy: magical, mysterious, and deep. Whether it’s curating education programs, producing films or building meaningful relationships, like the magician of the solar system, Anita transcends with imagination, creativity and bewitchment. This visionary fish has unparalleled enthusiasm and care for those she works with, whether it’s at Next Wave, Free Association or SEVENTH GALLERY. Her access to the collective unconscious, deep observations and insights, make her a master writer, editor and curator.

  • PP
Administration & Operations Coordinator

Dressed in the finest colourways, Magenta Sheridan shines light wherever she goes on whatever she is working on. Generous with her talents, Magenta shares her administration and operations wizardry across both Next Wave and Brunswick Mechanics Institute. Magenta’s passion for making everything run smoothly is preceded only by her passion for getting LIT(erature) moving in Melbourne. Magenta moonlights as Editor & Operations manager at Going Down Swinging and took home the Melbourne Writers Festival Creative Writing Prize in 2017.

  • BV
Associate Producer

An interdisciplinary artist

Loves singing with the fams in the Pasefika Victoria Choir and Sunburnt Soul Choir

Even co-founded the Pasifika Art Collective New Wayfinders

Climate advocate with the Pacific Climate Warriors

Really big islander energy

Empowering their community is at the heart of their curatorial practice

A board member for Seventh Gallery

Decolonising and moisturising

Eruptions on the dance floor when they DJ as General Vibes

  • KM
Associate Producer

It’s hard to keep track of how many pies Nikki Lam has her fingers in. She brings a hefty wealth of knowledge to our artists, as an accomplished and versatile one herself. She’s been making work, starting art spaces, editing magazines and running festivals like it ain’t no thing - her calm and generous demeanour is felt office-wide. She definitely has the best hair at Next Wave, too.

  • BB
Associate Producer

Hailing from the humble suburb of Footscray, with a short but lucrative stint in Brisvegas, Emily Sweeney’s career was catalysed by a Julie Andrews inspired tap dancing solo at the age of 11. Emily’s spreadsheet-wielding, fund-finding prowess is admired far and wide. She makes working with artists across all artforms and running major multi-project festivals, look as easy as a walk on the ergonomic treadmill.

  • RH

Working under their birth-name of SJ (Sarah-Jane) Norman, Onyx B. Carmine’s career as an inter-disciplinary artist and writer has spanned 13 years. Working with long duration, process-based, and endurance practices, as well as intimate/one-to-one frameworks, they have sought through much of their work to implicate the body of the audience and the body of the performer as co-agents in magickal acts, in order to explore hybrid languages of ritual and queer, de-colonial knowledge-making.


Moorina Bonini is a proud Yorta Yorta woman and member of the Dhulunyagen family clan of Ulupna and member of the Briggs family. Always making art, telling histories and advocating, Moorina brings her powerful voice, artistic flair and star production skills to Next Wave.

  • NL

Kalyani Mumtaz. Incredible Artist. Community Arts Worker. The Meme Queen. Devoted Curator. Truth Teller. Trawlwoolway Descendant. Voice like an Angel. Core This Mob Member. DJ KYAANZ. Producer at Melbourne Fringe Festival. Real Deadly.

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