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thursday 5 july 2012


This week Melbourne enjoyed it's coldest day in seventeen years and boy did we feel it down to our bones here at the Arts House Meat Market! But holidays and warmer climes always help, so we came up with this genius plan:

- Head north to the sunny shores of Sydney to high five 2012 Festival artist Tiffany Singh and check out her breathtaking installation for the Biennale of Sydney
- Whilst there, also kowtow to fellow 2012 festival artists Nathan, Casey and Abdul who are in town showing their Artefacts from The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
- Get back in time to see the Meat Market heat up for a season of Zoe Scoglio's show Shifting Ground

Then Artistic Program Manager Serena Bentley trumped us all by announcing she is jet setting off next week for a curatorial residency at Cemeti House in Yogyakarta conducting research and checking what's going on in Indonesia.

The moral of the story is there's some pretty hot stuff happening between Melbourne and a latitude 5° south of the equator right now.

*stern pointing followed by fist bump*

Lucy McNamara
Administration Coordinator, Next Wave

Image: A dancer from fifteen at NWF 2012. Photo: Liesel Zink.

Next Wave News

The sphere visits sydney

The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (GACPS) is on a diplomatic mission to Artereal Gallery, Sydney this month, presenting artefacts from the NWF 2012 exhibition. Conceived as an embassy for a fictional pan-Asian empire, the GACPS explores the duality of the artists' cultural legacy as Australians of both Western and Asian heritage...


fifteen weaves into Brisbane Festival

Liesel Zink's fifteen, developed as part of Kickstart and presented at NWF 2012, will be weaving through a new audience in Brisbane this September. Featuring as part of Under the Radar at Brisbane Festival, fifteen brings fluid choreography to an unusual stage - the space between commuters in rush hour pedestrian traffic...


Everything Else

Knock on the sky @ Biennale of Sydney


NWF 2012 Artist Tiffany Singh storms Sydney with her new work Knock on the sky listen to the sound on now as part of the 18th Biennale of Sydney. Drawing on ceremonial materials and ritual practices, the work builds on Singh's philosophies and practice, making the sky above Pier 2/3 a musical, sacred space...

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Image: Tom Teutenberg

Shifting Ground @ Meat Market


Arts House Meat Market gets geological later this month with Shifting Ground, an installation/performance work by NW Alumnus Zoe Scoglio. The boundaries between human and rock fall away in this new work as physical transformations mirror our own transformations, exploring the idea that all forms are temporal and metamorphic...

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Image: Zoe Scoglio

Next Wave News

Audio Architecture camp at the Arts Centre

Build a house of conversation at Audio Architecture, a free talks program and 24 hour design camp for students and graduates of art, design and architecture. Applications are now open to participate in the program running from 25-29 July. Curated by Office for Good Design and marking the re-opening of Hamer Hall, Audio Architecture brings together leading architects, sound designers, musicians and artists to contemplate how we can use sound to make better spaces.

Applications close 9 July

MORE info>

New funding program from Abbotsford Convent

The Abbotsford Convent Foundation have launched a new funding program, Spiritous, to support, enhance and deliver artistic activity across the fascinating, historic Abbotsford Convent site. Five projects will be selected each year from any creative stream for works that activate the site's conventional and unconventional spaces, and consider the site's location and history, for exchange between creative practitioners and audiences.

Applications close 31 July

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Vitalstatistix residency program - apply now

Vitalstatistix is currently seeking proposals for the 2013 Incubator residency program. Applications are sought from professional artists and creative teams seeking to develop new performance, live art or interdisciplinary art works, and ultimately present the work in Vitalstatistix's artistic program. Incubator is open to artists from across Australia working in a range of practices.

Applications close 31 August

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Emerging artists: submit to Seafarers

Mission to Seafarers Victoria, host of Hull at NWF 2012, is calling for emerging artists to submit works for an October exhibition in the Atrium Gallery at nearby World Trade Centre. Works of any media are encouraged and must respond to the theme of home: place of origin or belonging. For more information, visit the website or contact Kellie Meddings on (03) 9629 7083 or

Applications close 6 September

MORE info>

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