What Makes Good Art? Kickstart Intensive 1, 2015

During the first Kickstart intensive, we asked our friends and guests Made in China (Tim Cowbury and Jessica Latowicki), Next Wave Associate Producer Daniel Santangeli and artists Angela Goh and Hannah Bronte Cooper-McCoy – ‘what makes good art’? Over dinner, each thoughtful contribution added depth, complexity and fire to energetic and passionate conversations about audiences, collaboration, process – and why it is we’re doing what we’re doing.

As you can imagine, capturing the nuance of these conversations with any brevity is completely impossible. Instead, here are Artistic Director Georgie Meagher’s notes, edited with some poetic license.

Good art is enduring
and honest
It’s made surrounded by critical peers
It’s made with patience and endurance.  
Good art leaves gaps for the audience to fill.
It loves its audience
It asks for permission
(except when it doesn’t).

Good art knows its context
It values its context.

Good art has specificity.
It is specifically now, it is tied to the contemporary
It is specifically contradictory
It is complex
It holds within it many truths

It resonates.

It’s all these things, and none of them.
Because good art doesn’t exist unless
someone wants to fucking see it.

March 2015

From the words of:
Hannah Bronte Cooper-McCoy
Angela Goh
Daniel Santangeli and
Made in China (Tim Cowbury & Jess Latowicki)
(in no particular order)

Compiled by Georgie Meagher