Tiffany Singh’s Drums Between the Bells, Next Wave Festival 2012 project. Photo Sarah Walker

Hot Tips for Festival Applications

With just 2 weeks before the 2014 Festival application deadline, we’ve compiled some tips to help you write an awesome app. Some of these tips were covered off in our online briefing sessions, which you can view online here if you missed out.

Hot Tip #1: Respond to the theme. Tell us how your project connects to New Grand Narrative. Think about the subtext of this theme too, it’s not just about stories, it’s about how we make meaning.

Hot Tip #2: Ditch the jargon! We aren’t a funding body, our selection panel is made up of curators and artists. Speak honestly and passionately about why it is vital for you to make this work.

Hot Tip #3: Draw a clear, rigorous connection between your concept and art form. Explain the kind of art you want to make and the ideas that drive it.

Hot Tip #4: Be specific about your context. The ‘Who is it for?’ question is not about identifying a target audience, it’s about your project’s relationship to a broader community.

Hot Tip #5: Curate your support material and name your influences.

Other Helpful Hints:
-The Project Description section asks 4 questions, address each question separately
-Your CV should be in bullet points, not prose
-If you would like to be considered for support from Aphids or The Seed, don’t forget to put $5000 ‘unconfirmed’ in your budget
-Late applications won’t be considered so don’t leave it til 5pm Wed 17  April

If you are keen to apply and haven’t contact us yet, be sure to get in touch with our main man Dan by Wednesday 10 April to chat through your application and field any questions.

Happy writing!