Text Camp works


Here’s a wrap up of the great work by our Text Camp emerging writers, written during NWF 2012. In partnership with the Emerging Writers’ Festival, we brought six emerging arts writers together with mentors from Real Time, Ampersand, Blackmail, Art Guide, Crikey and The Thousands to provide focused mentoring advice and fostering lasting relationships. These words are only the beginning.


Naomi Gall

FELTspace interview – Art Guide


Melissa Deerson

Next Wave Festival Shamanic Organic Contemporary Cuisine – The Blackmail

Next Wave Festival Drums Between The Bells – The Blackmail


Rebecca Harkins-Cross

The comeback of arts criticism: new spaces for new ideas – Crikey

Shorten, music appreciator, flags long service for artists – Crikey

By design, not circumstance, a push for recognition – Crikey

Why are our theatres empty of women? – Crikey


Sam West

Next Wave, The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere – The Thousands

Next Wave, Hull: Rescore – The Thousands

Joesph L. Griffiths: Shelters – Das Platforms


Anabelle Lacroix

Next Wave, Lucky PDF, Wake Up: The School of Global Art – The Thousands

Next Wave, Talon Salon – The Thousands

Next Wave, Bone Library – The Thousands


Jane Howard

Critical dialogue about critical voices – No Plain Jane

The human automaton revealed – Real Time