NW artists at Margaret Lawrence

NW artists Marcin Wojcik and Matthias Schack-Arnott feature as collaborators on Drew Pettifer’s immersive 3-channel video installation Mapping the interior: In search of an inland sea,  opening tonight at VCA’s Margaret Lawrence Gallery. Inspired by colonial explorer Charles Sturt’s ill-fated search for an inland-sea in Central Australia – four young men lug whaleboats through the […]

Georgie Mattingley and Hannah Raisin for Future Now

Fancy a country getaway? Some of our past and present NW artists are hitting up Castlemaine with Future Now, a touring exhibition organised through The Substation. Kickstarter Georgie Mattingley continues her practice of making art with non-artists, creating work that connects with the ‘outside world’. She has collaborated with slaughterhouse workers, Veterinary surgeons and street beggars to […]

Alumni for BACKFLIP at VCA

Humour has a unique ability to simultaneously disrupt and entertain. Seeking to challenging the ongoing stereotype of feminism as dry, dull and humourless, Kickstarters I’m Trying to Kiss You and 2012 NWF alumna Atlanta Eke perform for the closing night of BACKFLIP: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art. Presented by the VCA, the exhibition affirms laughter as a potent tool for feminist artists […]

Public Forum: Community, Art, Dialogue and Conversation @ VCA

VCA’s Public Forum: Community, Art, Dialogue and Conversation, is offering the opportunity to engage with a host of artists, including Next Wave alumnus Kate Sulan (Rawcus Theatre) and visiting UK performance artist Rajni Shah, for an evening of discussion. The night will focus on projects and ideas connected to community and arts practice, and with free […]