SHTF is an exhibition by Guy Louden, Loren Kronemyer, and Next Wave 16 alumni Dan McCabe about preppers. Preppers are a subculture of people that prepare for the collapse of society. They collect specialised survival products, skills, and knowledge. Prepping is both a hobby and a world view. It has its own aesthetics, vocabulary, and consumer objects, […]

Louris van de Geer’s TRIUMPH in Sydney

2014 alumna and emerging playwright Louris van de Geer will present her new work TRIUMPH at a night of new theatre in Sydney hosted by US-A-UM productions. Called Play by Play, the event presents new scripts by young Australian playwrights. The scripts have been given a director, a cast, and a few rehearsals. With works performed at this iterative stage, Play by Play […]

Lauren Brincat at NAS Gallery

The National Art School Gallery Sydney presents a new video art exhibition LANDSEASKY, showcasing twelve international contemporary artists who reflect on spatiality and the horizon over land, sea and sky. Among the group of artists is 2010 alumna Lauren Brincat, exhibiting This Time Tomorrow, Tempelhof, which explores her perception of the horizon line at Tempelhof Airport, Berlin. “My works take the […]