Phantom Limbs at Speakeasy

Two-part choreography powerhouse Phantom Limbs is made up of alumnus James Welsby and fellow dancer/choreographer Amy Macpherson. The pair are set to present their new work Dreamlogic at Speakeasy in March. The work dives into concepts of perception, in an attempt  to engage with the ‘shadow self’ or the unconscious aspects of our psychology. Performed by Welsby and dancer […]

Private Dances at Speakeasy

Nat Cursio’s award-winning NWF 2010 keynote project Private Dances is back! Presented by Speakeasy, Private Dances is all about intimate encounters with dance: private performances, tiny spaces and damn good dancing. Audiences are invited to eat, drink, and work their way through a formidable selection of live dance and dance on screen. With a satisfying mix of exquisite work by […]