NW Pieces for Small Spaces

NWF 2014 artist Sarah Aiken and NWF 2008 alumni Luke George will present new works as part of Pieces for Small Spaces – Lucy Guerin Inc’s annual program to support choreographers working outside funded company structures. This unique development program offers five choreographers production and administrative support, studio space, a small fee and the time and space to perform. Over five […]

Deep Soulful Sweats part 5

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get sweaty! NW artists Natalie Abbott, Sarah Ann Aiken and Rebecca Jensen along with fellow elemental guru, Janine Proost, are here to bring us together in bright shiny unison  for Deep Soulful Sweats part 5. It’s an all in, neo pagin yogic aerobics celebration of sweaty togetherness. And this […]

Next Wave at Dance Massive

We’re gearing up for a month of amazing dance works with Dance Massive 2013. The program spans a range of venues including Arts House, Dancehouse and Malthouse Theatre and features stacks of past and present NW artists. Natalie Abbott is re-mounting her NWF2012 work Physical Fractals with current kickstart artist Sarah Aiken, and Atlanta Eke […]

Sarah Aiken

Sarah Aiken is a Melbourne based dancer, choreographer and teacher. Since graduating from VCA (Bachelor of Dance) 2009, Sarah has pursued a wide range of experiences to develop her practice, drawing inspiration from choreographic and somatic practices, travel, conceptual and visual arts. Sarah pursues an ongoing interest in how and what we value, utilizing dichotomies and […]