Midsumma Festival: Au Cause Célèbre

A tragically romantic melodrama Fresh from a premiere season at Melbourne Fringe, emergent cabaret queen Ms CeCe Rockefeller brings her sophomore work of oversaturated, tragically romantic melodrama to Midsumma with a high-gloss finish. Recounting a first love that unfolds in the wake of her sister’s disappearance, Au Cause Célèbre discovers a young Cecilia with stars […]

Feeling Yummy with James Welsby

‘Feeling Yummy’ is a queer pop-culture dance class run by James Welsby, Next Wave 2014 alumni and director of cult cabaret YUMMY. James has worked for a decade as a professional contemporary dancer, choreographer, and drag queen. He has toured all over performing in BRIEFS and Glory Box, and taught dance at Chunky Move for […]