Synapse by Liesel Zink

People sometimes talk about social norms as if they come from somewhere outside ourselves and we just have to live with them. Really, it’s just us, looking around at the world and each other for clues on how to behave. NW alumna Liesel Zink has been busy working with the incredible dancers of the Expressions […]

Megan Cope at Clancestry

Just who is black enough? How do we unpack the politics of belonging, self-determination and ancestry? Kickstart 2013 artist Megan Cope joins the conversation at Clancestry, a new festival celebrating the arts and cultural practices of First Nation Peoples. Participating in the Kinship and Identity Panel, Cope joins Dr Anita Hiess, Dr Chelsea Bond and […]

Ryan Presley

Ryan Presley was born in Alice Springs, 1987. His practice involves a questioning and negating of historical and contemporary contexts. Presley utilises his own mixed heritage experiences and insights to contribute other understandings to the social and cultural nature of past and present colonial Australia. Presley’s work was included in PICA’s Hatched National Graduate Show […]

Megan Cope

Megan Cope’s work explores notions of environment, identity, geomorphology and mapping; decolonising methodologies and toponymy are a primary aspect of her practice. She is a descendant from the Quandamooka region (North Stradbroke Island) in South East QLD. Megan has exhibited her works at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC, the Koori Heritage Trust in Melbourne, […]

Kickstart Briefings!

Next Wave’s Kickstart program is money, time and space for artists to dream larger than they ever have before. Want the low-down on the where, when, who and why? There’s no better way than actually coming and talking to us about it. And if you’re feeling a little shy, why not use the comfort of […]

Gut Feeling at Metro Arts

  NW alumnus Elizabeth Willing knows the way to our hearts here at NW HQ is through our stomachs, and her latest exhibition looks set to woo us yet again. Gut Feeling sees Willing continue her gastronomical exploration, this time delving into the anxieties and beliefs surrounding feeding and food in a society becoming increasingly […]