Private Dances in Hong Kong

Alumna and all-around excellent lady Nat Cursio is remounting her incredible NWF 2010 project, Private Dances, in Hong Kong this weekend. A part of the Freespace Fest 2014, the work will take over a section of the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, presenting intimate live performances and experimental dance films from inside tents on a glorious outdoor campground. Presenting contemporary dance, hip […]

Critnic Dance Picnic

Alumna Nat Cursio and Lucy Guerin Inc are holding their first ever Critnic: a structured public conversation model for dance, which is also a picnic, a critnic. It’s similar to a book-club,  but instead of talking about books you’ve read, the conversation will revolve around dance performances you’ve seen. It’s a gutsy extension on those […]

Nat Cursio’s Blizzard

  NW alumna and choreographer extraordinaire Nat Cursio is back in Melbourne with a new dance work. Blizzard is a dance of physical and aural detail. It proposes a reminder of the delicacy of an eco-system and attempts to act as a micro-antidote to humanity’s most individualistic and righteous tendencies. The result is an intimate and […]


Remember pushing aside the loungeroom furniture and ripping out some wild and crazy moves? NW alumna Natalie Cursio has offered a nostalgic yet subversive creative challenge to the dance-makers of Perth: recall the first song you ever made up a dance to and re-imagine it to create a totally new piece of choreography. With music ranging from […]