Maurial Spearim for FCAC at Light in Winter: NAIDOC Week

Join prominent Indigenous activists, academics and artists including alumna Maurial Spearim (2016) as they share their perspectives on the history of Aboriginal political resistance and the potentials of sovereignty and  treaty in the Australian context. This special NAIDOC week campfire will play host to academics and activists Gary Foley, Robbie Thorpe and Viv Malo and feature […]

From BLAK WAVE: ‘Answering A Question With A Question’ by Steaphan Paton

To celebrate NAIDOC Week (5-12 July 2015), we’re thrilled to publish Steaphan Paton’s full text from 2014’s Blak Wave publication online. The landmark publication features eighteen pieces exploring the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and artists though rich, strong, diverse and inspiring responses. Blak Wave is still on sale! Get your copy for $25+shipping by […]

NAIDOC WEEK: Big Yam Dreaming

The late Aboriginal artist Emily Kam Kngwarray’s monumental artwork Big Yam Dreaming represents a central aspect of Utopia community cultural heritage. Kngwarray’s country, Alhalker, is an important Anwerlarr (Pencil Yam) Dreaming site, the staple from which she takes her bush name, Kam (yam seed). Hosted by Wheeler Centre Director Michael Williams, panelists – including Blak Wave contributor […]

Megan Cope at Redland Gallery

2014 NWF artist Megan Cope extends her beautiful After the Flood series with new exhibition Yunggulba at the Redland Art Gallery. Combining military topographical maps (circa 1930-45) with basic cartographic symbology, Megan reveals  a multilayered landscape, dual histories, dual identities and the cultural legacy of colonialism. Her works also look to geomorphology , raising questions about climate change and vulnerability of residents along […]