Kickstarter Rafaella at Fort Delta

Kickstarter Rafaella McDonald presents Paintings for Performances at Fort Delta In Paintings for Performances, artist Rafaella McDonald activates the painted object through humour, performativity and bodily movement to iterate an expansive volume of maquettes. Appearing as animated models that work in response to Fort Delta’s architectural pastiche, her new work focuses on a thematic logic […]

Rebecca Jensen

Rebecca Jensen is a New Zealand born, Melbourne based, performer, dance maker and teacher. She graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a BA Dance in 2009. She is a Cancer cusping on Leo. Inspired by a plethora of images and experiences, Rebecca’s work focuses on the everyday and tries to find fantasy […]

Shian Law at SEVENTH

SEVENTH Gallery  are playing host to a frenetic, playful and immersive performance event by Shian Law who will be investigating themes from his new work Personal Mythologies, created for the Next Wave Festival 2014. The central premise of this performative event is simple: Law will seek to utilise “naive bodies” (bodies without the movement aesthetics or desire for so called […]

Alumni for BACKFLIP at VCA

Humour has a unique ability to simultaneously disrupt and entertain. Seeking to challenging the ongoing stereotype of feminism as dry, dull and humourless, Kickstarters I’m Trying to Kiss You and 2012 NWF alumna Atlanta Eke perform for the closing night of BACKFLIP: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art. Presented by the VCA, the exhibition affirms laughter as a potent tool for feminist artists […]

Menagerie at MTC NEON

MTC have launched their brand spanking new NEON Festival of Independent Theatre inviting five of Melbourne’s top independent companies to stage their work, their way. The first of these productions is Menagerie, presented by the Daniel Schlusser Ensemble (Daniel mentored Mutation Theatre for NWF 2012) and produced by our very own Marketing & Development Manager […]

Danae Valenza at Gertrude

Current JUMPster Danae Valenza presents alongside six other artists for Everyday Rebellions, a new exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary. Investigating the inherent rebellion in their chosen media, the artists highlight the agitated, activated and constantly moving nature of all things: Frozen ice will melt despite our urgings, light sensitive paper will always colour under daylight, and […]

Alumni at BUS Projects

2012 NWF alumni Danae Valenza and Marcin Wojcik join a group of Melbourne artists for SOLUTIONS, a new exhibition at Bus Projects. Taking shared creativity as their MO, the artists make use of open methods and technologies to create reactionary and instructional pieces – a series of DIY art solutions. Incorporating video, sound, installation and performance, the works place restrictions […]

Esther Stewart at Utopian Slumps

This weekend, Kickstart Artist Esther Stewart opens her new exhibition Makin’ Plans  at Utopian Slumps. Stewart’s latest body of work contrasts simple shapes and colours, shifting and repositioning them in order to produce optical effects and clashes within the layout. Her paintings engage with their environment, mimicking the lines of constructed architectural space and echoing the […]

Goodbye CSIRAC At SmartBar

Festival alumna Zoe Meagher plugs in at Melbourne Museum’s May Smartbar, Retro Futurism, remounting her 2012 festival work, Goodbye, CSIRAC. Past and future technologies collide as Zoe leads a retro-scifi tour into the  guts of the Museum, uncovering the true story of CSIRAC, “Australia’s first computer”. As lights blink and paper tape whirrs, the forgotten history of female computer operators just might […]

Oscar Perry at Westspace

Zui Quan is a category of techniques, forms and fighting philosophy that appear to imitate drunkard’s movements. The postures are created using the momentum and weight of the body, generally through staggering with a certain type of fluidity in the movements. It is considered to be among the most difficult wushu styles to learn due to the need […]

Michelle Sakaris at Kinross House

Alongside several other contemporary Victorian artists, 2012 NWF alumna Michelle Sakaris exhibits as a part of Blake Resonances at Kinross House. Through video work, poetry and visual,  the artists explore how their work connects to notions of religion and spirituality. The exhibition continues a dialogue between The Blake Society and religious artwork. Generously sponsored by Stonnington City […]

Phuong Ngo at Counihan Gallery

Throughout the month,  Kickstart Artist Phuong Ngo presents My Dad The People Smuggler  at the Counihan Gallery. Working with documentary and staged photography, the exhibition documents the very personal consequences of his family’s past and their experience on the island of Pulau Bidong, a United Nations refugee camp established at the end of the Vietnam War in […]

Steaphan Paton at Seventh

2013 Kickstart Artist Steaphan Paton presents his new work Terra nullius loungeroom, at Seventh Gallery through April. Engaging with a childhood fascination for exploring and claiming, the exhibition explores the ideas of discovery and ownership. The work presents a land [err.. lounge room] clearly owned by Aboriginal Peoples, yet waiting to be “discovered” by a lurking presence [the viewer]. Push […]

Alumni in BalletLab

NW alumni Matthew Day and Rennie McDougall perform as a part of BalletLab‘s premiere season of And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow, an immersive, otherworldy performance choreographed by Brooke Stamp and Phillip Adams. Constructed through live art, dance and sound, the performance traverses vibrational energy, utopian impulses and alien abduction. Building on Adams’ passion […]

KAGE at fortyfivedownstairs

Vintage 2000 NW alumni Kate Denborough and Gerard Van Dyck, better known as the co-founders of KAGE, are taking the stage this month to perform together for the first time in 8 years. Flesh and Bone explores gender roles in relationships, masculinity and femininity mixing and reversing. And who better to expose this ever-changing dynamic than long-time collaborating male/female duo Kate […]

Abdul Abdullah’s Homecoming

Presented by Fehily Contemporary and curated by NW 2012 alumi Abdul Abdullah, Homecoming brings together three artists who seek to reveal themselves through an exploration of cultural heritage. Each artist’s search for identity is marked by a sense of both the insider looking out and the outsider looking in. In Abdullah’s portrayal of Australian Muslim culture, Tada […]

Next Wave Green Room Nominations

A huge congratulations to our eight 2012 Festival Artists nominated for Green Room Awards! Alternative & Hybrid Performance: OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION The River Eats – Justin Shoulder OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION – CREATIVE AGENCY FOR AUDIENCES Bingo Unit – Team Mess Flyway – Elizabeth Dunn The Stream/The Boat/The Shore – Dan Koop INNOVATION AND EXCELLENCE IN CIRCUS Blindscape – […]

Oscar Perry at Plinth Projects

Aiming to provide an artist-run alternative to traditional large-scale public art commissions, Plinth Projects is a brand new initiative that engages the empty plinth at the centre of Edinburgh Gardens with an ongoing program of short-term exhibitions. Kickstart 2013 artist Oscar Perry launches the project with his exhibition Harvest Showdown / Early Classics, Hits and […]

Emily Sexton at NGV Sunday

Our very own Artistic Director Emily Sexton joins a group of Melbourne movers and shakers this Sunday at the NGV to speak at ultimately the forward-thinking solutions for urban life. Who and what will be the drivers of Melbourne culture in the future? Presented by Daniel Browning, Radio National, see the NGV website or visit […]

Robin Hungerford at BUS

NW alum Robin Hungerford features in the inaugural exhibition of the new BUS Project Galleries in Collingwood, Thank you very much. Working with sculpture, performance and video, Hungerford’s work expresses the strange and seductive world of technologically mediated human experience. Also featuring the work of Adam Cruickshank, Katie Lee, Ms&Mr, Dell Stewart, Erika Scott and […]

Phuong Ngo at Blindside

Debut IX is the ninth installment of BLINDSIDE’s annual exhibition surveying the hottest talent of students graduating from Melbourne’s art schools. Opening this week, the exhibition features Kickstart 2013 artist Phuong Ngo along with Jessica Bruzzaniti, Eun Jin Choi, Danielle Hakim, Daniel Peter Petersen, Shireen Rawlins and Brigit Ryan. Debut IX delves into the minds of […]

Kickstart Briefings!

Next Wave’s Kickstart program is money, time and space for artists to dream larger than they ever have before. Want the low-down on the where, when, who and why? There’s no better way than actually coming and talking to us about it. And if you’re feeling a little shy, why not use the comfort of […]